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Happy Hounds does baskets!

I have had such a great time putting together baskets for Mother’s Day!  I hope everybody will enjoy the products as much as I do!  Remember your Happy Hounds purchase helps greyhounds too!  10% of profits will be donated to Greyhound Friends!




Hello world!

Welcome to Happy Hounds Honey!  I am a beekeeper and a greyhound owner.  I have been searching for a hobby to turn into a small business and found it through beekeeping!  Honey and beeswax products have provided me so many opportunities to express myself and my personality through the products and through the scents.  From the mint chocolate lotion for Christmas time, to the intoxicating pineapple ginger and spring fresh hyacinth –  I love to see people’s reactions as they smell or sample my products for the first time.

I have added a second hive to the property and everybody seems to be doing well with the start of spring.  I am very happy to have this soaking rain to get the flowers and trees going to that the bees can get to work establishing and the hives for what I hope will be a successful spring.

I am currently working to incorporate soap into the Happy Hounds menu of products.  Oatmeal milk and honey is setting up now, along with a  peppermint castile soap (a pure olive oil soap).  I just produced a second batch of the oatmeal milk and honey, a beer-based soap, a mango tango soap, and a yet to be named ginger, lemongrass and sandalwood!  The house smells fantastic right now!

Stay tuned for further developments with Happy Hounds Honey!

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